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Imagination Capital is an early stage investor targeting companies that are poised to capture an industry shift. We believe that paradigm shifts provide talented founders with critical tailwinds that give them a bit more room for error as they grow their businesses.


We partner with entrepreneurs to bring our networks, operating and investment experience and capital to build high growth companies that can meaningfully scale and build a sustainable technology advantage. The question we try to answer in our diligence process is how can this company get to $100 million of revenue and do we understand their product well enough to help them get there?

We believe venture capital is a long term collaboration with other investors and our management teams. Targeting initial investments of $100-250k, we look to participate in early rounds of financing that provide management teams enough time to focus on company growth and product innovation.

Founded in 2017, Imagination Capital is based in NYC and is actively investing in companies based in North America. 

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